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From the Director: June 2015

Believe in miracles? Erin C. Hurst estate endows $1 million to Sacramento Public Library.
I do believe in miracles. When someone makes a donation to the Sacramento Public Library, whether the funds go to the Foundation, the Friends or directly to the Library, I consider it an act of faith and trust in the Library.  We are proud of our role in strengthening our community by helping children discover a lifelong love of reading and of creating a collection of resources to help people of all ages discover and learn.  We also know that we have an obligation to honor our donors’ intentions and to provide open, accurate and transparent accounting of how the funds are being used.
Sometimes something unexpected happens (a miracle?) and the Library receives a particularly generous donation. It is with great pleasure that I can announce that we are receiving a bequest from the estate of Erin C. Hurst “for the purpose of acquiring books.” Library Board members and Library staff are working to ensure that the funds will be put aside in an endowment fund that will allow us to take an annual distribution so that we may purchase books for many generations of readers to come.
I’m proud and grateful that Mr. Hurst loved the Sacramento Public Library enough to provide us a lasting legacy that will support reading and literacy. I’m also proud that Sacramento Public Library deserves the kind of faith that Mr. Hurst showed to us with his gift of more than $1 million.
Did I say I believe in miracles?

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