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Scott and DeWilde coauthor new book

The book analyzes the Sacramento Valley during World War I
Tucked in just above the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria is the Sacramento Room. There the rich history of Sacramento is collected and preserved, in part by two studious librarians eager to share its compelling stories.
James Scott and Amanda DeWilde’s recent work focused on the influence of World War I on the Sacramento Valley and the response of the people living there. Their findings are in a new book titled, World War I and the Sacramento Valley.   


Meet authors James Scott and Amanda DeWilde when they present their book at the Ella K. McClatchy Library this Saturday, April 2, from 1-2:30 p.m.


World War I was America’s first foray into total war, an experience that was nowhere more visible than in the Sacramento Valley.
A national draft — one not seen since 60 years prior — tested the principles of farmhand and attorney alike. A huge European demand for food forced the Valley’s best agricultural minds to do more with less. Nearly overnight, a lonely piece of cattle land east of Sacramento became a training site for young aviators. Homefront demands put thousands of Valley women into work environments that were once the sole province of men. A brand of xenophobia not seen since the Gold Rush pushed frenzied citizens to spy on friends and neighbors.
Efforts to remember the sacrifices of those throughout the Sacramento region can still be seen today in the form of Sacramento’s Memorial Auditorium and Freeport’s mysterious Victory Elms.
The Sacramento Room’s World War I and the Sacramento Valley is an effort to afford the reader a window into the Sacramento Valley’s World War I experience, one that forever changed the region and proved a dress rehearsal for even greater sacrifices to be made during the next war.
With few exceptions, the book’s content was harvested directly from the Sacramento Room and Central Library’s periodicals collection.


World War I and the Sacramento Valley can be found in the Sacramento Public Library catalog, for purchase at The History Press, and at the following Sacramento retail locations: 


Stage Nine Entertainment
California Museum
Beers Books
Avid Reader at the Tower
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Proceeds from book sales will support the programs and services of Sacramento Public Library.  



Amanda G. DeWilde has served as the archivist for the Special Collections of the Sacramento Public Library since 2010, working in the Sacramento Room of the Central Library.
James Scott has been a reference librarian with the Sacramento Public Library since 2000. For most of that period, he has worked in the Sacramento Room, where he has coauthored four other books on Sacramento history.

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