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Fine Forgiveness was just fine

Welcome back to more than 10,000 of you incredible readers
Welcome home to more than 10,000 of you incredible readers. During Fine Forgiveness, you returned more than 12,000 items for a total fine-waive of $73,601. While we’re excited to have those items back, we’re more than excited to have you back. This is what you told us:
"We moved and I had a book checked out. I found the book and returned it. Unfortunately — late fees. But thanks to Fine Forgiveness, I was OK, and my daughter could get a new library card, check out a book and use the computer for a project she needed to work on.” Melanie C.
“My ma had a stroke and dementia. We checked out a book for her and she took it to board and care. The book was lost for several months. But during the fine amnesty month, we were forgiven!” Catherine W.
“I had overdue books because I had checked out several as part of research I was doing for my book I am writing. I didn’t want to stop in the middle of writing and research. Thanks for forgiving the fine. I hope to have my book in the library one of these days.” Isaac C.
“Just wanted to say that the Fine Forgiveness was much appreciated. The last couple years have been very difficult, financially and otherwise, and unfortunately it has taken a toll on my avid 6-year-old reader. We greatly appreciate the opportunity for a fresh start and will continue to come to the library and keep a book in my little girl’s hands. Thank you!” Janet M.
“This would have been my first fine. You saved me!” Marty K.
“My daughter is a 4.0 student, but often forgets things and she can cost me lots of dollars. My older daughter has been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney cancer and funds have been scarce due to all we have been going through. This program is very much appreciated.” Irene H.

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