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Summer Reading wall of wins


“I just started reading by myself and mom wanted to help me read more. We are having fun reserving books online and picking them up in the library. Mom let me find her name on the books that are reserved for us. I love reading!” — Aiden B, 5-year-old reader
Aiden picking up his reserved books at Colonial Heights Library


“Since I was a kid I have always been amazed by books. I was always taught that you never judge a book by its cover because there is so much good stuff on the inside. The moment I found out I was having my own little bundle of joy, I encouraged reading every which way shape and form. Now, I have five kids and continue to encourage reading any way that I can. I’m going to be welcoming my first grandbaby and I vow to always encourage him or her to read, read, read because no matter what you should always keep the wheels in your mind turning.” — Shannan D
Shannan and family

“I’ve been racking up ebooks this summer, thanks to the Library. As I’ve traveled (within California), I’ve been collecting library cards to have access to multiple eBook systems. I’ve been making more of an effort to read regularly, and log reviews as well. Something about getting points is very satisfying.” — Jennifer J

“Smit, age four, just claimed his medal today! He has read 69 books so far and his mother told me that he reminds her after each book, ‘Mama, log it!’ He is one of my favorite pre-readers in the Library — he’s literally a non-stop ball of energy and wants a prize book for every visit. Both his parents came with him to the Library and were in full-paparazzi mode as he was awarded his medal.” — Julia E, children’s librarian
Julia with Smit after he received his Summer Reading medal

“Thanks to all of the books that the Library has I have been able to set up my organic garden on my side patio. It has already taken off with little cucumbers and many flowers! I love my library and am so happy with the wealth of information offered.” — Dona E
Dona in her garden

“I have really enjoyed doing this program with my three-year-old daughter. Allowing her to get books to check out and take home to share with her one-year-old sister is amazing. I am so thankful for this program!” — Porsha N
Porsha and her daughters with their winning medals

“Summer Reading allowed me to really connect and learn with my daughter. The activities aren’t things we would have normally done together, so we were able to try some new things. She has loved everything so far, especially putting the books that we have read together in a pile to get logged. Thank you for helping us spend more quality time together and encouraging us to read together.” — Tanya R

“Morgan really LOVED visiting the McKinley Library! We hadn’t been before. She met all of the librarians and learned that you can order books to be sent to our library from other libraries.” — Laura F
Morgan on her reading adventures

“Every year we try to outdo each other and read as much as possible. As a parent, I can’t get enough of the inspiration and confidence my kids get through the programs the Library offers. My reluctant reader is now excited to read to her siblings.” — Becky G

“This is the first year that I have participated in Summer Reading. I have signed up my family (wife and two young sons). We enjoy visiting the Library on weekends and the boys can’t wait to check out Star Wars books. They aren’t fans of returning their books, but it’s a lesson they are trying to learn.” — Brian S
Brian reading to his family

“The reading program is amazing. I never would have read nearly as much as I have if it wasn’t for the program. It encouraged us to read as a family, go on walks to the Library and talk to each other about our books.” — Ruby R, 11-year-old reader
Ruby reading with her family

“Me and my son are doing the Summer Reading program together. It’s gotten me back into reading on my own and {he wants} to read all by himself too. I’ve already noticed a huge impact on him and the words he can recognize and read.” — Melanie C
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