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Transcending the distance

Traveling 5,000 miles in an instant to bond over story
Once a week, while her mom prepares dinner in their Edinburgh, Scotland home, 4-year-old Violet puts on her creative streak, grabs her vivid imagination and heads right into that week’s story — a story that takes her all the way to nana’s house.
Coral Frazier lives in Orangevale and, since January, she and Violet have been hosting their own international storytime every week. They travel nearly 5,000 miles to each other in an instant via FaceTime.
“It’s hard to connect over a regular phone call,” explained Coral. “This gives us so much time to connect. It’s nice to see her face-to-face and have reading time that is just Violet and me.”
Coral reads to Violet 
Coral’s boyfriend, Dana, set up an easy system so that she can see Violet and Violet can see the pages of the book. Being read to since birth, Violet has already developed discerning taste — Mo Willems, in particular, tickles her funny bone. She also likes stories with a twist, such as Robert Munsch’s Paper Bag Princess, a recommendation offered to Coral by Orangevale Library staff.
“Could you send me that book?” Violet will ask of a story she’s grown fond of — a request that makes Coral happy. Their weekly storytimes allow her to share one of the biggest loves of her life with Violet. Always an avid reader, Coral has been a part of the same book club for 14 years. “The connections you make when discussing the impact of the books read … I’m laying that groundwork for Violet.” Once Violet is old enough, Coral plans to share with her the first copy of her first book, her favorite childhood book, Trixie Belden’s Red Trailer Mystery.
“There will be no time lag between us,” she said as she shared her plans to visit Edinburgh next month. It was obvious the bond they had formed over so many great stories will transcend the distance.
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