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Wall of Wins

You did it Sacramento! More than 386,000 books read during Summer Reading

This summer, more than 36,500 Sacramentans sat down to read for our Summer Reading program. You read nearly 400,000 books that led to discoveries and stories of your own. 

Read a few of those experiences below and don't forget to give thanks to this year's Summer Reading sponsors:
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“My daughter, Lorelai, will be one in July. We have been having a lot of fun completing the various activities in the Summer Reading program. I think our favorite story so far is when Dad sang the alphabet to Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” It had everyone laughing.” — Rachel D

“I signed myself up, as well as my 14-, 7- and 3-year-old. The funny thing is that the three-year-old is beating all of us! Both my 3- and 7-year-old are loving the program and want to read a book every day, sometimes more than once.” — Christina B
3-year-old sister studies the competition

“I read a book called, Plastic Free. It told why we need to reduce the plastic in our lives. I collected my plastic trash for a week to become aware of how much plastic I use. I’ve started reducing my use of plastic by taking my own cup to events, by using my own dishes for take-out food, and by buying produce not packaged in plastic. It has started me on a whole new way of life!” — Helen A
Helen with one week’s worth of plastic

“I don’t really like reading because I’m not good like my mom. I have to sound words out, but I love having my mom read to me and have felt better about reading to her every day. I think I’m getting better at reading.” — Willow C, 7-year-old reader

“I LOVE READING! This summer has been an exciting reading time for us because we just installed a little free library on our side yard. Now we get to share our love of reading with our whole neighborhood.” — Sarah L
Sarah’s family outside their free library

“I’m a proud nanny to Ashton, age five. He loves books. Although he doesn’t read, he’ll sit for an hour as we plow through a dozen library books at a time. I’ve asked him many times to read me one of the stories. He protests, always saying, ‘You know I can’t read!’ So I alter my request, ‘Just tell me the story while you turn the pages.’ He always refuses — until Read to a Dog day.
Ashton picked a familiar book. We had a dress rehearsal, and then he told the story, page-by-page, to a Boston terrier named Buddy. I was so ecstatic I had to hold back tears and yelps of joy!” — Jessica H
Ashton reads to a dog and celebrates receiving his medal

“I am telling a story on how I quickly got to 2,500 book points. It’s interesting, really. I love reading and it’s really fun to just imagine you are part of the book, so I started reading Anne of Green Gables and before you know it I had my medal. Another thing about Summer Reading is that it really motivated me. I have the highest lexile in my class. It has gone from a 6.4 to 10th grade level since last summer.” — Victoria P, 11-year-old reader

“Patty Foster and her grandson Hudson have been coming to my storytimes for months, and they are some of my favorite Library superstars. During his first Library storytime, Hudson progressed from peeking in the doorway to doing laps around me in the front row in less than 30 minutes. 
Today they claimed their medals, as they have read over 100 books this summer. Patty showed me pictures of the “beep-bop” robot they made out of cardboard boxes, Raley’s bags, and duct tape. It’s as big as Hudson, and he enjoys beating it up all over the house and enthusiastically building it back together again. Needless to say, they’ve been having a robot-obsessed summer.” — Julia E, children’s librarian
Hudson and his buddy Beep Bop

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