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Fine Forgiveness: Bringing items back to give back to others
We love you, we really do! It’s as simple as that.
If you’re reading this, chances are you have a Sacramento Public Library card, use the Library and never, ever, ever turn your items in late, leave them behind in a hotel room (I can’t count the number of times I’ve paid for books that didn’t come home from vacation), or discover that your new puppy used them as chew toys. It happens. 

In the process of checking out books, music and movies, due-dates get forgotten and life intervenes. Well, we forgive you! Literally. From Valentine’s Day until March 15, we want you, your family and your friends to bring back those items that once were lost, but now are found. Bring them back and you don’t have to explain (unless you want to); you don’t have to say you’re sorry (unless you want to); and you can leave with your fines forgiven, your conscience clear and, most importantly, help us get our stuff back.
Contrary to popular opinion, almost every librarian I know hates the idea of charging fines. After all, we work in libraries. We want people to have free access to everything we have to offer and we want the things we loan to come back to us so that others can use them. It’s a wonderful circle of life and learning.

So now’s your chance. Tell everyone you know and help us get those lost items returned. It will feel great! 

Learn more about our Fine Forgiveness program

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