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The magic of leading by example  

Young reader donates allowance to spread the joy of reading
A big part of the job of selector at the Library is responding to requests from patrons to add books to the collection. Most of those requests come in as a title or an author, but occasionally people will donate books to their local branches in hopes that they’ll be found useful. One particular request of this nature recently caught the eye of selector Justin Azevedo:  

“On my desk one afternoon was a stack of donated books to be considered for the collection, to start at the Colonial Heights Library. Most book donations aren’t added to the Library shelves, but these slim paperbacks sported the bright colors of Daisy Meadows’ Rainbow Magic books, a chapter book series about fairies that is perennially popular with kids and could always use refreshing. Attached to the books was a note; the donation came courtesy of a young Colonial Heights patron named Zoe, who was very determined to give the Library these particular books.
“Zoe diligently read all of the Rainbow Magic books that the Library had to offer, and was eager for more. So eager, in fact, that she searched online and found some books in the series that weren’t on Library shelves. So she did what any voracious reader would do: She patiently saved up her allowance to purchase them, and then proudly brought them into the Library to have so that everyone else who loves the series could enjoy them. She was extra proud that she had special-ordered these particular books, and with good reason: These specific titles were hard to find because they were never published in America.
“Not only did Zoe give her allowance back to the Library, but she sought out books many other kids in Sacramento would otherwise not get the chance to read, at the Library or otherwise.”

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