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Honoring Veterans Day with service to veterans

Access to earned benefits available at the Library
Sacramento Public Library connects thousands of local veterans to earned benefits and services each year through its Veterans Resource Station. At the station, a catalog of stories can be compiled from the people the Library has helped. Some leave a great impact.

Kevin* has one such story.

He recently arrived at our Rancho Cordova Library in an agitated state — pacing back and forth, vacillating between the entry doors. Specialist Dominick Damore recognized the agitation and approached Kevin to offer him help.  

Specialist Damore invited Kevin to sit down. Kevin refused, and that's when Specialist Damore took a military approach, noting that the invitation was not a suggestion, but an order. Kevin obliged. Once seated, he explained his situation — he was on the brink of homelessness and didn't know what to do or where to turn. 

Specialist Damore introduced him to the county veteran services officer on-site that day. The officer made the necessary appointments to begin to resolve Kevin’s housing issue. Kevin was provided with a library card, computer access and assistance completing various housing forms. He left the Library that day armed with hope for the future.  
Library Supervisor Jill Stockinger perhaps put it best. “A life was changed today right in the middle of the Library,” she said.

If you or a veteran you know need assistance accessing the benefits you earned with your years of service, please visit the Veterans Resource Station at Rancho Cordova Library or call (916) 264-2920 for more information.   

* Name changed to protect the veteran's privacy.

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