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Off the Page | Clare

Your story. Off the page.
"When I was in middle school, I suffered from bullying and I dealt with depression and anxiety, and I didn't quite fit into the normal school setting. It was pretty difficult. I really was suffering from being lonely and antisocial.

When I walked in {to the library} it was just, intimidating.

I've loved reading my entire life... by fourth grade I was reading Harry Potter. By freshman year I was reading adult college books. I've always loved reading. It's been my escape into this other reality that I couldn't find anywhere else. 

I was making friends with the librarians and other teens on the Teen Advisory Board. I was creating a support group that I didn't have at my high school. 

{With the teen advisory board} you really see teens come out of their shell. So many teens suffer from depression, anxiety and we don't talk about these things. But when kids are at the library they can come out of their shell because we're all here for one common reason — we love books."

Watch Clare's story on ABC10.

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