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Bluetiful learning opportunities

How the unveiling of Crayola’s new crayon can help your child get ready to read
Did you hear the news over the weekend? Crayola released a brand-new color and the name of it made quite a few people blue. Concerns were uproariously expressed over how it “mangles [a]real word, [and] fails at teaching kids color name and spelling.”
At the Library, we’re pretty excited about this turn of events. Bluetiful, as the 19th blue-hued Crayola is called, might just be our new favorite color. Here’s why:
“Fun with words is an important part of learning,” explained Christie Hamm, youth services manager for Sacramento Public Library. “Parents can talk to their kids about made-up words like bluetiful. Wordplay is incredibly motivating. The best way to grow kids’ brains is through filling their word banks with vocabulary like the unfamiliar words found in books.”
Are you ready to help your kids learn? Check out one or all of the following bluetiful learning opportunities.
Think About Word Chunks — by ReadyRosie
Play this game by thinking of words that share similar chunks, like the ow in how, clown, and brownie. Sign up for ReadyRosie learning videos for free, courtesy of Sacramento Public Library.
Sound out words with at-home storytime
We’ve selected the following books for you to enjoy. Check any one of them out at the Library or read-along with available online versions. 
Don't forget to join us for storytime at the Library. We offer more than 200 a month for a variety of ages, including sensory storytimes. 

Color Bluetiful
Bluetiful is not yet in stores. In the meantime, learn more about her and download a free coloring sheet offered by Crayola.

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