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Rivkah Remarks

The forgotten familiar and lifelong habits
This year is going to be a fabulous year for Sacramento Public Library. We are starting by introducing a timeless piece of literature with a fresh, new twist.

Remember Frankenstein? It is a great example of the forgotten familiar. Most of us know the films, whether the 1931 classic with Boris Karloff as the Monster or the hilarious 1970s Gene Wilder version, Young Frankenstein, a classic in its own right. How many of us hear the words “Walk this way” and immediately conjure up that image of Marty Feldman’s Igor? But how many of us have actually read the original 1818 book by Mary Shelley, celebrating its 200th anniversary this year?
Thanks to the generous support of the Friends of Sacramento Public Library, we are thrilled to present a graphic interpretation of this timeless classic with illustrations by Sacramento artist Stephanie Taylor. We hope that our version of Frankenstein will be read and enjoyed by readers of all ages.
This story and others reflect our ardent community of readers who want to learn something new every day and who keep coming back for more.

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