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Library helps parents be their kids' first teacher

Early learning | 2-minute read
In 2017, we introduced several new programs to help parents be their kids’ first teacher. There is no greater time to create enduring memories with them — memories they’ll not only fondly look back on, but will use to achieve success in school.
“By the time a child is 5 years of age their brain will grow to 90% of the size it will be as an adult,” explains Donna Zick, our early learning specialist. “It’s a critical time for child development, but parents don’t need to worry — early learning can happen in little moments found throughout any day."

ReadyRosie — one of the new early learning services offered to families for free at the Library — calls these “modeling moments.” What does that mean? Modeling moments are everyday actions where you can engage with your child to boost learning.

  Baking brownies? Before you let them lick the spoon, ask them to help you measure the ingredients. This and other sensory experiences that allow them to test and discover lay the foundation for future success in math and science.
Celebrating a time-honored family tradition? Have your child talk or write about it. Understanding ritual and routine can lead to higher academic success.
ReadyRosie provides short two-minute videos to help you discover creative learning opportunities with free registration from the Library. You can have videos sent directly to you via text or email.
“You are your child’s most important teacher and they are learning words and concepts from you all day long,” says Zick. “ReadyRosie videos give you fun, easy ways to incorporate teaching moments into your everyday activities.”


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