Sacramento Public Library

Borrow a SMUD power monitor

Learn how much power your appliances are using and save money by becoming more energy efficient.
You can use your Sacramento Public Library card to check out a “Kill A WattTM EZ” power monitor just like you would a book. It will help you learn how much power your appliances are using, and which are costing you the most money to operate to help you decide how to better use them to save. Find a power monitor to check out in our online catalog.

SMUD has donated Kill A WattTM EZ monitors, two for each of the Sacramento Public Library’s 28 locations to educate customers about energy efficiency and about SMUD programs designed to help them save money.
Kill A WattTM EZ monitors are simple to use:
  • Plug the device into a power outlet
  • Then plug the electrical appliance into the device.
  • Enter the cost per kilowatt-hour and the monitor displays the cost of electricity as well as the kilowatt-hour usage to run the appliance.
You can monitor the energy cost of any 110/120-volt appliance such as refrigerators, freezers, portable heaters, televisions and computers.
You’ll understand how individual appliances can impact energy bills and determine if an appliance should be replaced with a more energy efficient model, or perhaps unplugged or plugged into a power strip that can be easily turned on when the appliance is needed. The monitor even calculates cost and forecasts costs by the week, month or year.

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