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“Valley to Vietnam” wins award

Original Sacramento Public Library production wins Access Sacramento Award for Best New Series.
Sacramento Public Library’s “Valley to Vietnam” video series was awarded “Best New Series” at Access Sacramento’s annual membership and awards meeting on June 20. 
Created and shot by library staff, the series features interviews with local Vietnam-era veterans sharing their stories. It takes on a wide range of topics, including race relations, post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction, military strategy, geopolitics and American popular culture of the ’50s and ’60s.
“‘Valley to Vietnam’ was created to give our local Vietnam veterans a voice,” said series creator and interviewer James Scott. “After participating in the most unpopular war in American history, they were forced to take ownership of the heartbreak that came out of the conflict’s epic failure. We want to do our bit in helping veterans have a dialogue with America, one they never had a chance to engage in when they returned.”
Other major contributors to “Valley to Vietnam” include a pair of library staff members, producer Gerry Ward and co-producer India Curry, along with two volunteers, interviewer Bob Tribe and interviewer/researcher Christie Dentry. The series was created in partnership with Chapter 500 of the Vietnam Veterans of America, many of whose members served as interview subjects.

View an episode of "Valley to Vietnam" on youTube.

James-and-Gerry-Access-Sac-Award.jpg  India-2.jpg
Here are series creator/director/interviewer James Scott, and producers Gerry Ward and India Curry.

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