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SacQR walking tour of historic K Street

Old meets new with a sightseeing trip you take with the help of your smartphone.
Sacramento Public Library is pleased to announce SacQR, a historical tour of downtown K Street optimized for mobile devices.
SacQR allows users to stop at any of 20 spots along a six-block section of K Street and view what that exact location looked in the past—right on their smart phones!
The project was assembled by staff at the Library’s Sacramento Room, from their in-house collections, with graphics and web help from other library staff. Demetri Gregorakis with Turn Downtown Around, an initiative to bring back the vitality of Sacramento's once-vibrant downtown neighborhoods, conducted outreach with local businesses and has helped promote the project.
The QR in SacQR refers to Quick Response Codes, bar codes that can be scanned by mobile devices that have downloaded an application to read them. The Library has produced posters corresponding to each location with a QR code that can be read. The following locations have posters displayed in their windows: River City Bank (900 K St., circa 1939), Estelle’s Patisserie (901 K St., 1935), Alejandro’s Taqueria (911 K St., 1913), and the Weinstock's Building (1120 K St. 1940).
“Our goal with this project was to build a kind of time machine,” said Rivkah K. Sass, Sacramento Public Library director.
“We thought K Street would be perfect because it’s gone through so many changes over the years,” said Amanda Graham, library services specialist and archivist at the Sacramento Room, which maintains the Library’s special collections relating to the diverse history of the area.

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