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New eBooks from 3M Cloud Library

Start reading in minutes, using your library card and a device.
Our new eBook service, 3M Cloud Library, is easy to use and offers eBook titles not previously available at the library. Visit to learn more about both of our eBook services.

Download the app for your smartphone, eReader, tablet, or computer:

Getting started with 3M Cloud Library:

  1. Download and install the 3M Cloud Library app for your device.
  2. Open the app and select State/County.
  3. Select Sacramento Public Library.
  4. Enter your Library Card number & PIN.
  5. Read and accept license agreement.
  6. Login & start browsing.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a Kindle, so can I borrow library eBooks?
Yes; please use our Overdrive eBook service for Kindle Books.


How many eBooks can I borrow?
10 eBooks at a time.

How long can I checkout an eBook?
Three weeks. Your eBook will automatically be returned to the library after 3 weeks.

Can I return eBooks early?
Yes, if you are using the mobile app. If you are using the PC or Mac app, you can not return eBooks early at this time.

Are there any late fees?
No. Your eBook will automatically return itself at the end of 3 weeks.

How long do I have to pick up my eBook hold?
3 days (72 hours) from when you are notified.

Why is there a waiting list for eBooks? Why can't everyone check out an eBook at the same time?
Most publishers require that library eBooks are offered to only one person per copy at a time, similar to how physical books are checked out.

Why do you have two eBook services?
3M Cloud Library offers an easier setup process and eBook titles not available from Overdrive. Overdrive offers audiobooks and Kindle books, which are not available from 3M Cloud Library.

Can you help me with library eBooks?
Email us your question via our Contact Us Form or check our Events calendar to schedule a one-on-one help session.

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