Sacramento Public Library

County Supervisor reads at South Natomas

Phil Serna leads inquiry into the curious case of the dog who didn’t know how to bark.

Phil Serna, Sacramento County Supervisor for District 1 and Chair of the Library Authority, came and read at the preschool story time at the South Natomas Library on Thursday, August 8. After letting the kids vote on which book they wanted to hear, Serna gave a spirited reading of Bark, George by Jules Feiffer, the story of a young dog who worries his mother when he meows and moos instead of barking.

Jolene Moua isn’t happy about getting her photo taken as dad Sai and sister Makaelyn look on. They were at the South Natomas Library on August 8 to see County Councilman Phil Serna read at the library’s preschool story time.

Heather Williams, with her sons Kenzie (2) and Michael (4).

Selea Patrick with Amaya Patrick, 1.

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