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School’s back, and our online tools and tutors are here to help.
It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter—though it may not seem that way to kids getting their first dose of school in almost three months.

But we can help. Our Homework Help Now research tool never went away. We still have online tutoring for all ages, live experts to help in subjects ranging from kindergarten math to college trigonometry.

The site is a service of Brainfuse, the same company behind the JobNow site we offer for job seekers. Homework Help Now takes a three-pronged approach to helping you or your child succeed: expert help, study and collaboration.
  • Expert help. Brainfuse employs 1,700 tutors across the country in many different subjects. Every single one has at least a four-year college degree. Just go online, click on Skills Building, choose your grade and the subject where you need help, and you’ll be connected automatically. They also have a Live Help section, where you can ask specific questions, and a Writing Lab, where you can get written critiques of any kind of writing sample. We offer help in all of these subjects in Spanish—or, if Spanish is the subject where you need help, visit the Language Lab.
  • Study. Visit the Test Center to challenge yourself with exams ranging from third-grade math up to the SAT or college level. Use the results of these tests to work with tutors on specific areas you need help on. Use FlashBulb applications to improve your skills.
  • Collaborate. Use the Meet function to meet up with classmates to hold study sessions online. Or use the Brainwave feature to share notes and ideas.
Homework Help Now is not just another website. It is a closed community where users log in and interact only with certified experts or classmates. The site tracks tasks, performance and progress, allowing kids to show performance—and parents to see how much they’ve done.

We can’t make it any easier to wake your kids up on that first day. But we’ll be there for that first night of homework.

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