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Staff Profiles: Meet Brendle

Learn more about the library staff behind the scenes of our social media posts.
Online Brendle tweets for the library as @saclib and is on the Goodreads team.  In real life, she is the branch supervisor at the Robbie Waters Pocket-Greenhaven Library.  She also tweets for her branch as @saclib_pocket.
What do you like about being a librarian?
Lots of things! Like the fact that every day is different and I never know what or who will walk through our doors.  I also get to talk about books and meet wonderful people all the time.  But most of all I love it because I believe passionately in the library and the services it provides to our community. Getting to talk about that online is a bonus.
Favorite book?
My favorite book is whatever I am reading when you ask me. I read way too much for it to be anything else, though I will admit Gone with the Wind and The Grapes of Wrath would be contenders for any list I was forced to make.
One interesting thing about me is…
I don’t have a cell phone.  This astonishes some people (It really, really does! Their jaws drop, their eyes get wide…), but I simply feel no need to be connected all the time.
Favorite person to follow on Twitter
I have to say @Cmdr_Hadfield tweeted some amazing stuff while he was aboard the International Space Station. He is still interesting now that he is back on earth, of course.  My favorite person to follow, though, is definitely @wheresandrew, the Digital Nomad for National Geographic.  He live tweets trips and involves his followers as he does it. Following him has taken me on many virtual vacations and taught me a great deal about how to use Twitter.

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