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Meet Chelsea, Youth Materials Selector

Chelsea is a regular contributor on the Library's Facebook and Goodread's pages, as well as our Youth Materials Selector and all around children’s literature enthusiast.

Favorite Librarian Moment?
In 2013, I am serving on the John Newbery Award committee which selects the most distinguished children’s book of the year – it’s like the Oscars of kids’ books. So I’m spending the year reading through the boxes of brand-new books that arrive on my doorstep every week. I’m pretty much living the dream right now!


Book You’re An Evangelist For:
I’m always trying to convince adults to read children’s books – there’s no shame in it! But specifically, I’m a big pusher of Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. I studied it 3 times as an English major in college, and just think it’s an incredibly well-constructed and powerful novel. Yes, it’s for grown-ups, and no, I don’t plan to see the movie.


Guilty Pleasure:

I always hate to admit just how many seasons of America’s Next Top Model I’ve seen. And continue to watch in reruns…

One Food That’s Always in My Refrigerator/Pantry:
Cheese! I’m from Wisconsin, so I always have 3-4 kinds of cheese in the house.

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