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Scenes from October and November 2013 at the Sacramento Public Library.
Our 2013 One Book celebration came to a close on October 29 with Ebony Reveries, an evening of music and readings celebrating Edgar Allan Poe. We’ve posted a video of the evening’s program on YouTube.
Many thanks to everyone who helped make our One Book project happen, especially Professor John Allen Cann, who edited the Slender Poe Anthology (available for purchase, checkout or Book Club in a Box) We’ve also heard from several of you who would like to purchase some of the posters, beer coasters and other great materials produced by our designer, Laura Koivunen. Head on over to the Public Surplus website and have a look.

Southgate Library youth services librarian Lexie Kalbach celebrates Halloween with Haltziri Martinez and Jordan, Melanie and Derek Rios.

Staff and patrons celebrated the very first Halloween at the new Rio Linda Library, which opened on September 21. At left is Grace Pugh, 3, as Snow White. At right is Hunter Henson, 19 months, dressed as Sully from “Monsters, Inc.” At the bottom is cowgirl Jacie Hendricks, 6, with branch supervisor Sally McGrath.

Mother and daughter together with teddy bear at Fair Oaks Library.

Mother and daugher with teddy bear in library community room

The Fair Oaks Library held a Teddy Bear Tea Party on Nov. 2 with bears, crafts and stories. At left, Barbara and Lily Steenburg with Officer Bear. At right, Dawn and Allison Harrigan with the paper bear Allison made.

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