Sacramento Public Library

Get your Poe on

Read the 2013 Sacramento One Book — if you dare.
As days grow dark, we publish a memento
It’s our One Book for Sacramento
No Tom Sawyer, no Constitution
For this local institution
Just red death and tales of woe
A tome so slim, The Slender Poe
To mark the One Book celebration for 2013, the Sacramento Public Library has published The Slender Poe, our new Edgar Allan Poe anthology. Combining some of Poe’s more obscure works with classics like “The Raven,” The Slender Poe offers both an introduction for the uninitiated and some gems for those more familiar with Poe’s works.

The Slender Poe is published by our own I Street Press. It includes an introduction and notes from local poet and professor John Allen Cann, designed to put Poe in historical context.

So join us for One Book 2013. Read the book, then come to our One Book launch at the Library on October 2, Haunted Stacks at the Sacramento Room on October 18, or any of several other Poe-themed events this Halloween season.

The Library is offering three great options for reading The Slender Poe Anthology.
  1. Order online and we’ll mail you your copy. Get your own copy of The Slender Poe Anthology for only $20.
  2. Borrow a copy from the Library for free.
  3. Borrow a Book Club in a Box and read Poe with your book discussion group.

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