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Watch the full Gabaldon interview

We’ve posted the full hour of Diana Gabaldon at the Crest on June 13; watch before our Aug. 5 “Outlander Hangout.”
Come with us, “Outlander” fan, and travel through time to that magical era known as June 13, 2014, when author Diana Gabaldon came to Sacramento for an hour-long interview on the stage of the Crest Theatre before a sold-out audience of more than 900.
We’ve now posted the entire interview on YouTube for you to relive—or experience for the first time if you were one of the many people who weren’t able to get tickets. The conversation between Gabaldon and librarian Stephenee Borelli garnered some unique (and sometimes blush-worthy) responses from the author.

By now, many will have had a chance to read the latest book in the series, “Written in My Own Heart’s Blood,” which was released June 10. If you haven’t, you still have a few more days to get through all 825 pages before our next Google Hangout on the series.
Aug. 5, Tuesday, 7:00 p.m.
Google Hangout: “Written in My Own Heart’s Blood
After four years of suspense with those cliffhangers from “An Echo in the Bone,” you finally have answers. Was it what you expected? How does it measure up to the rest of the series? What are your favorite scenes and characters?
Our second “Outlander” Hangout happens just days before the premiere of the “Outlander” television series on Starz. We may just have a few things to say about that, too. Spoiler alert: Be prepared to discuss ALL of Gabaldon's published works.
Follow the discussion in our live Google Hangout, plus post your questions and comments now or during the event.

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