Sacramento Public Library

Check out a lower energy bill

Use your library card to borrow a Kill A Watt EZ power monitor—and cut your power costs in just a few days.
Did you know there are devices you can plug into a socket to find out how much power you’re using—and that you can borrow one for free from the library?

Come to any branch of the Sacramento Public Library and ask for a “Kill A WattTM EZ” power monitor. Or go to our online catalog to find one. You can check them out just like a book!

Plug the device into any 110/120 volt outlet, then plug your light, appliance or device directly into the Kill A WattTM EZ. The device will then display how much power you’re using through that outlet.  

The Library carries 56 Kill A Watt EZ devices—two for each location—courtesy of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. SMUD donated them a couple years ago to help people learn about power use and about SMUD programs that could save them money.

By moving the device around your house, you can quickly determine which appliances are sipping power—and which ones are gulping. It might even give you the excuse you need to finally get rid of that ugly lamp your husband has been holding onto since his college days.

The Kill A Watt EZ can also help you locate “vampire appliances.” These are devices that keep sucking power even when they are turned off. These often include items that are common Christmas presents, such as laptops, big screen TVs, DVRs and game consoles.

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