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eBook catalog for kids

The easy-to-use OverDrive-powered kids’ page sorts by interest and reading level.
Do you have a kid or teen who likes to check out 30 books at a time? That’s great!

That is, until our kid can’t find any more books at their level they want to read. Or you can’t make it to the library for a couple weeks—and then you get the late fees for all 30 books at once.
Have we got the webpage for you: our kids eBook catalog!
Like the eBook catalog for adults, kids can browse hundreds of titles, available as eBooks, eAudiobooks or videos. Entries are also sorted by Lexile level, subject and grade level—all the way up to teens.
Kids can choose from an ever-growing assortment of titles, just like at the real library. These tools can also help your child find new books they might like that they don’t know about yet. Is your child a beginning reader who is just learning how to use the web? Or maybe you’ve got a growing reader who likes historical fiction, graphic novels or science fiction? And if your child has just discovered Harry Potter and can’t wait to get their hands on the next title, we can help with that too.
Just like our page for adult readers, our kids’ eBook catalog is powered by OverDrive. In December, OverDrive rolled out their Digital Kids’ Reading Room to partner libraries, including Sacramento Public Library.

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