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From the Director: July 2014

Read, Sacramento, Read!
Summer means many things to many people – hot dogs on the grill, road trips, baseball games, homemade ice cream and --lest we forget -- more time to escape through the magic of reading. We’re just getting started with summer and we’re pleased to report that our Summer Reading participants are really hitting the ball out of the ballpark. The number of children ages 0-12 who are engaged in Summer Reading is almost what it was in 2013 for the ENTIRE summer! How great is that?
All of our scanning, scrolling, googling, texting and emailing isn’t reading, and it isn’t going to keep us competitive in an increasingly competitive world.  An article in the May 13 issue of Forbes Magazine written by Jordan Shapiro, "Kids Don't Read Books Because Parents Don't Read Books," lays it out clearly for all of us. The solution is clear: read. Pick up a book and read it. Let the kids in your life see you reading it and make sure they understand how much you value reading. It’s a small thing, but it pays a huge dividend.

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