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Summer Reads, Round Three

Looking for a book to finish out Summer Reading? Selectors Barrie and Chelsea have some ideas.

Each month during Summer Reading, our selectors Chelsea Couillard-Smith and Barrie Olmstead have brought us five reading picks each for children, teens, adult fiction and adult nonfiction. You can also see their selections all year long at our Great Reads page. Enjoy!


Tea-Party-Rules-(2).jpgTea Party Rules by Ame Dyckman
Cub discovers a tea party in the woods—with cookies! He is just about to dig in when the hostess shows up…with strong opinions on how tea party must be played.


All-Different-Now.jpgAll Different Now by Angela Johnson
Beautifully illustrated and told through the eyes of one little girl, a story of the first Juneteenth, the day freedom finally came to the last slaves in the South.

Willie-Mays.jpgYou Never Heard of Willie Mays?! by Jonah Winter
This illustrated biography traces the life of the man whom many believe to be the best baseball player that ever lived.

Alvin-Ho.jpgAlvin Ho: Allergic to Camping, Hiking, and Other Natural Disasters by Lenore Look
Alvin, a second-grader who's afraid of everything, is back, and his worst fear has come true: He has to go camping.

One-Crazy-Summer.jpgOne Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia
When three sisters arrive from Brooklyn to spend the summer with the mother they’ve never met, instead of Disneyland, they end up at a day camp run by the Black Panthers.




Icefall.jpgIcefall by Matthew Kirby
A chilling tale of royal siblings trapped in an icy fortress when a series of treacherous acts reveals that a traitor is in their midst, and everyone turns against each other.


Parched.jpgParched by Melanie Crowder
A memorable post-apocalyptic tale of a boy, a girl and a dog struggling to survive in an African land after the water has run out.

Dust-Girl.jpgDust Girl by Sarah Zettel
As the biggest dust storm in history sweeps through, Callie discovers her mother's long-kept secret—Callie’s not just mixed race, she's half fairy. Now, her fairy kin are coming for her.

What-the-Heart-Knows.jpgWhat the Heart Knows: Chants, Charms, and Blessings by Joyce Sidman
These poems are pleas on how to repair a friendship, charms to face the shame of a disapproving crowd, and invocations to ask forgiveness and to bravely face a dark world.

Going-Bovine.jpgGoing Bovine by Libba Bray
Cameron Smith, recently diagnosed with mad cow disease, sets off on a road trip with a death-obsessed video gaming dwarf he meets in the hospital in an attempt to find a cure.




Midnight-Crossroads.jpgMidnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris
Welcome to Midnight, Texas. A town with many boarded-up windows and few full-time inhabitants, it’s the latest creation by the author who brought us Sookie Stackhouse.

 Last-Night-at-the-Blue-Angel.jpgLast Night at the Blue Angel by Rebecca Rotert
This ambitious first novel involves a jazz singer and her daughter in 1960s Chicago.

Care-and-Management-of-Lies.jpgThe Care and Management of Lies: A Novel of the Great War by Jacqueline Winspear
Set on the home front in World War I, this is the tale of two friends whose relationship becomes complicated when one marries the other’s soldier brother.

Queen-of-Tearling.jpgThe Queen of Tearling by Erika Johansen
This new young-adult novel is set in a magical, medieval world…in our own distant future. Emma Watson is set to star in the film version.

Shades-of-Grey.jpgShades of Grey: The Road to High Saffron by Jasper Fforde
In a darkly comic invented future, social casts are set by a person’s ability to perceive colors.



Animal-madness.jpgAnimal Madness: How Anxious Dogs, Compulsive Parrots, and Elephants in Recovery Help Us Understand Ourselves by Laurel Braitman
A science historian draws evidence from across the world to show how humans and other animals experience astonishingly similar emotions and disorders.

How-No-to-Be-Wrong.jpgHow Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking by Jordan Ellenberg
Math isn’t just abstract, but touches everything we do—and has real, predictable effects of your life.

The-Price-of-Fame.jpgPrice of Fame: The Honorable Clare Boothe Luce by Sylvia Jukes Morris

The final volume of Morris’ biography of the pioneering woman’s career as a young Congresswoman who visited recentlyliberated concentration camps to her role in three presidential administrations.


Let-the-Tornado-Come.jpgLet the Tornado Come: A Memoir by Rita Zoe Chen
The award-winning poet delivers a riveting, gorgeous memoir about a young runaway, the trauma that haunted her as an adult and the friendship with a horse that finally set her free.

Man-on-the-Run.jpgMan on the Run: Paul McCartney in the 1970s by Tom Doyle
An illuminating look at the most tumultuous decade in the life of a rock icon—the only McCartney biography in decades based on firsthand interviews with the ex-Beatle himself.


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