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Carrie Lewis: Rainbow Family Storytime

Lewis co-founded a storytime for LGBT families and co-facilitates the Sacramento Rainbow Families group through and Facebook.
A few years ago, Carrie Lewis saw an ad seeking participants in a parenting group for gays and lesbians. “So I answered the ad,” Lewis recalled. “They were like, ‘Great, you can run it.’”
She soon had more than 100 families signed up and was looking for participation from other groups all around the Sacramento region.
“It was clear there was a pent-up need,” Lewis said.
Lewis met Librarian Jessica Zaker through the Sacramento Public Library’s alt+library group for young adults and the two hit it off, eventually organizing a brainstorming session that hatched Rainbow Family Storytime for LGBT families.
“The storytime reduces isolation,” Lewis said. “It’s probably less of a problem than it would have been 10 years ago, but early parenting is isolating anyway. So many of us live far from our families, or may have been rejected by our family of origin.”
The event, held at the Arcade Library, has drawn families from all over the region, and even as far away as Yosemite. There is also a great deal of diversity within the group, including people who came out after having children in heterosexual relationships and same-sex couples raising grandchildren. The group often reads stories about children with same-sex parents or other types of families that differ from the stereotypical nuclear family.
“You want your child to see that they are not the only ones,” said Lewis, who has a 3-year-old with her partner of 20 years. “They get to meet other kids whose families aren’t represented elsewhere.”

July 26, Saturday, 10 a.m.

Rainbow Family Storytime (family/all ages)

All are welcome at this special monthly storytime celebrating all types of families, part of the Rainbow Families Meetup group. This is an opportunity for LGBT families and parents to meet and socialize. For more information, visit

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