Sacramento Public Library

Summer Reading Kickoff at Central

Our Paws to Read celebration and book fair starts out what we hope will be a big Summer Reading program.
On June 1, Sacramento Public Library kicked off our annual Summer Reading program in the Tsakapoulos Library Galleria.
Anne Howard of The Poodlums holds up a “pause” sign (shouldn’t that be “paws”?) during the band's set. She and band partner Jason Wright are a married couple and both work as music therapists. Their band is named after their “hoodlum poodles,” Murray and Dina.
Annalyssa Baker, 7, shows off her fairy wing face paint.
Teresa Delgado, 7, is reading the “Creepover series this summer.
Zoey, 6, and Sophia Fredrickson, 2, show off their face paint.
Janelle Addison Cooper, 5, with face-painting fairy Blossom.
Troy, Onyx and Panhia Vang, with mom Mia Xiong, pose with Sacramento Public Library’s mascot, Otterby.
In fitting with our Paws to Read theme, Janice Friesen and several others from Golden Gate Greyhound Adoption were out showing off rescued greyhounds. Members of the groups said that, despite the fact that greyhounds can run 45 miles per hour, the dogs are actually quiet and “lazy,” and make good apartment pets.
Romani Trejo shows off some of the crafts she made.
Jr. Avalos Gomez’s face was painted as if he were wearing an Oakland Raiders football helmet.
Elijah Gilleland and Michael Baylor had their faces painted using themes from the game Minecraft. This creative computer game allows players to design their own world, in single or multiplayer formats. Michael reports that he’ll be reading “The Genius Files” series for summer reading this year.
Francisco Jaramillo, 11, is reading “Chickenhare” for summer reading, but says he “also likes ‘sciencey’ books.”
A big thank you to the volunteers who ran the crafts table: Kayla Simas, Maggie Gomez and Michael Benton.

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