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ScholarShare Read and Play Centers

Brain training with puppets and toys—just in time for Summer Reading.
You might not think about play as a library activity, but play is how young children learn about the world. Providing safe spaces and age appropriate toys for families to enjoy together is part of the library’s mission to help children discover, learn and grow.
During May, we’re rolling out ScholarShare Read and Play centers at all 28 locations of the Sacramento Public Library system. Sponsored by ScholarShare College Savings Plan, the centers offer two great ways for children to learn with play:
  • Toy cabinets. Stocked full of appropriate, creative toys for children five and younger, there will be one cabinet each at all 28 libraries. Every two months, we’ll rotate the toys between branches, so your child can try out a variety of educational toys throughout the year.
  • Puppet stages. We have five puppet stages, with puppets included, that will be shared among our libraries.
Why are puppets and toys important for a child’s future?
  • Educational. Play is crucial for early learning. It’s one of five practices for early literacy—along with talking, reading, writing and singing—that prepare a child for reading.
  • Interactive. Puppets and toys can help children learn and engage with parents or other caregivers, helping them develop closer bonds.
  • Safe and age appropriate. These materials fit widely accepted educational standards for young children, and help satisfy a community need.
 Puppet theater with puppets displayed across the top.
ScholarShare, California’s official 529 College Savings Plan, is a proud partner of the Sacramento Public Library and supports a shared commitment to education. ScholarShare is pleased to sponsor the ScholarShare Read & Play spaces at the Sacramento Public Library in order to help prepare young children for a life of learning and also help parents and families learn about ways to save for college for the children in their lives. 

More information is available at Like ScholarShare on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at @ScholarShare529.

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