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Top 10 travel services

Sacramento Public Library can help you plan your trip, apply for a passport, check out a beach book and choose your road trip tunes.
Here are 10 ways Sacramento Public Library can make summer travel a little easier, no matter where you’re going:
  1. Passports. Whether you need to get a new passport or just a passport photo, a friendly staff person will be there to help.
  2. Travel guides. We have an extensive collection of travel books. Some have been on long journeys of their own.
  3. Languages. Want to be able to speak some French or Chinese or Swahili when you arrive? Use Mango Languages via the library website.
  4. Travel Club. Started as a club for budget and independent travelers, the No Reservations Travel Club at the Arcade Library has been around since 2001.
  5. Books/eBooks. Vacations are a time to catch up on our reading. If you have a tablet or eReader, you can download several titles and avoid the hassle of carrying around all those books.
  6. Magazines. Are magazines more your style? Zinio offers dozens of titles you can read online or take with you on your mobile device.
  7. Music/audiobooks. Facing a long drive? Some music or a good audiobook will help pass the time.
  8. Genealogy. Looking for an interesting place to go? How about where you’re from? Genealogy Services can help you find out where that is.
  9. Museum Passes. Discover & Go allows you to get free (or discounted) tickets for dozens of museums and cultural attractions across Northern California with your library card. Print passes ahead of time and avoid the lines.
  10. Staycations. Can’t afford to leave town? Stroll through our walking tour of K Street history, take a journey with Valley to Vietnam or just use your time off to enjoy some great library events.

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