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Educational resources for students

The Library can help your child succeed in school
One of the most important goals of Sacramento Public Library is to help children achieve success in education. As the new school year gets underway, we want you to know about the valuable educational resources available throughout our 28-library system — offered free to you and your children.
Below you’ll find educational resources that answer the most frequently asked questions regarding student education. Many of the resources are accessible to you 24/7.
Do you have any tutors?
Homework Help Now
Get live online homework help from an expert tutor, including feedback on writing and practice tests. Available in both English and Spanish to students in grades K-12. Tutors are available every day from 1-11 p.m. PST.
What reading level is this book?
Accelerated Reader Bookfinder
Find the Accelerated Reader level of any book.
Scholastic Reading Counts
Find books in the Scholastic Reading Counts program.
Read the Books - AR Lists
Search your school’s Accelerated Reading list and find books at your library.
Do you have any resources for learning a language?
Rosetta Stone
Interactive language-learning software for 30 world languages, plus ESL (aprenda inglés).
Do you have any computer programs/games that read to children?
Watch, read and learn with our video storybooks and educational games.
Where can I take practice tests, find study guides or look for college and scholarship information?
Testing & Education Reference Center  
Practice tests, courses and eBooks for SAT, ACT and other major tests, plus a scholarship and college search tool.
Where can I find information for my project/report?
Academic Journals
Search thousands of scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles.
Biography Reference Center
Find biographies of individuals from around the world.
Kids Search
Find kid-friendly articles for your homework.
Library of Congress Primary Sources
Provides resource information on American history, including photos, letters, maps and more.
Literary Criticism
Find plot summaries, analysis and criticism on major literary works.
Literary Reference Center
Literary criticism, plot summaries, author biographies and interviews, plus a poetry and short-story library.
Opposing Viewpoints in Context
Research the pros and cons of hot social issues from a variety of viewpoints.
Points of View Reference Center
Learn both sides of an issue with point and counterpoint articles on controversial topics.
Science in Context
Research scientific topics, such as biology and chemistry, plus find ideas for science experiments.
Science Reference Center
Science periodicals, encyclopedias, images, videos and science experiments.
Student Research Center
Find articles to help with your homework at the high school and middle school level.
Virtual Reference Library
Reference eBooks with information about animals, health, science, Native American tribes, American decades and literary criticism.
Where can I find information for my California history / missions / Native Americans report?
Missions of California eBooks
Read about each of the California Missions.
Sutter's Fort Pioneers
Find books and articles about the pioneers of Sutter's Fort.
Research the history, geography and culture of countries and states.
History Reference Center
Historical documents, biographies, encyclopedias, photos and maps.

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