Sacramento Public Library

Meet Matt, Virtual Library Associate

Matt may work behind the scenes, but his work makes the Library more visible online.
He both maintains our website and develops new web projects, like SacQR, a mobile-friendly walking tour of K Street that highlights historic photographs from the Sacramento Room. You can also find him on social media, including Google+, Goodreads and Twitter as @SPLBookmobile where he posts the Bookmobile’s
schedule, because our driver doesn’t tweet and drive.

His extensive knowledge of computers and web development is a real asset to the Library. But don’t let his quiet veneer fool you. He can also be wickedly funny when given the opportunity. We like Matt so much that we thought you would like to meet him too!
#ilovemylibraryjob because…
I get to work on so many different exciting and fun projects at the same time. One day I’m working on a new part of the website, another day I get to work with new research databases. I’m also able to get out of the office and go out to the branches and meet so many great people. Every day is something new!

Who is your favorite author?
I love the work of Stephen King. His books take you into so many different types of worlds. His work doesn’t scare you in an upfront kind of way, but instead he introduces you to characters that you could know in real life, with their human flaws and emotions. Once you believe in his characters, you believe in his world, where he brings monsters and demons to life.

Do you have any pets?
I have a cat named Marx and a dog named Jenny. Our pets are a part of our family and I can’t fathom my household without a four legged creature snuggling on the couch or at the foot of the bed.

One interesting thing about me is…
I am a HUGE Disney buff, like a walking Disney encyclopedia. When I was in college we would go to Disneyland at least twice a year. When we went with friends we would stand in line and I would fill the wait time with “Did you know…” and “Interesting thing about…” Walt Disney and his company’s rich history are one of the key reasons I have my degree in history. I can’t wait to take my daughter in a few years!