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Meeting Room Policy

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Non-commercial Use
Because uses must be non-commercial, businesses promoting products or services for sale may not use the meeting spaces. Activities and communications engaged in or carried on to aid or facilitate the present or future generation of business revenues, including the selling, offering for sale, and solicitation for future delivery or performance of any product or service are excluded. Also excluded are informational or educational events related to the business activities of the user. For example, space is not available for investment seminars and retirement planning seminars sponsored by private businesses that provide investment or retirement planning services, whether operated on a for-profit or non-profit basis, including credit unions.

Open to the Public
Every meeting, including the meetings of neighborhood groups (e.g., a homeowners’ association), youth groups, and religious or political study groups, must be open to all members of the public, not just targeted invitees. A group that does not want its meeting to be open to all is not a suitable user for a library facility.

Board Adopted – March 30, 2006
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