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Connect to Wi-Fi

When you open your Web browser, in most cases your laptop or mobile device will automatically detect the connection. There is no password for our wireless network.

If your device does not immediately connect, we suggest you try the following settings:

WEP: Disabled
IP or NETWORK SETTINGS: DHCP enabled -or- obtain IP address automatically
DNS: Obtain DNS automatically
GATEWAY: Your device should detect it automatically
NETWORK MODE: Infrastructure -or- Access point


Can I print using Wi-Fi?
Yes, at all Sacramento Public Library locations. View our FAQ on wireless printing.

Can library staff help me configure my laptop computer for wireless access?
Library staff cannot provide technical assistance or help you configure your laptop. Please consult your user's manual or call the manufacturer.

Am I allowed to use my laptop computer speakers?
Please access Internet applications with sound (e.g., Internet radio, movie previews) using your headphones.

Is Wireless Internet access filtered or unfiltered?
Wi-Fi access at all Sacramento Public Library locations is filtered.

How fast is the wireless connection?
Connection speeds may vary due to different levels of use at different times of the day and proximity to wireless access points.


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