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Apply to Volunteer at a local branch

Apply to be an Adult Literacy/ESL Tutor Volunteer


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Why volunteer at the Sacramento Public Library?
  • Support library services for over 1.3 million residents in Sacramento County.
  • Select from a variety of tasks, including assisting with special events and programs.
  • Gain new skills, such as teaching, organization, teamwork, and leadership.


Get Involved

  • Check VolunteerMatch for opportunities and search by zip code and interest.


Submitting an Application

  • Submit an application if you are interested in being part of our dedicated group of volunteers.
  • Staff will contact you as opportunities that match your time, preferred locations, and interests are available.
  • Applications will be kept on record for a period of one year.
  • While we strive to place as many volunteers as possible within our organization, the Sacramento Public Library may not be able to place each applicant.
  • Teen applications require the signature of a parent or legal guardian prior to the start of service.
  • The Sacramento Public Library does not currently accept volunteers who are completing community service per court order.


Contact Us

  • Submit an application if you are interested in volunteering.
  • E-mail or call 916-264-2920 with any questions.
  • While volunteering allows individuals to provide support and assistance to the Sacramento Public Library, volunteering for the organization does not imply potential employment with the library.



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