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Let's Talk About Fake News- Kids

    Asking Questions About How the News is Created

    Asking Questions About How the News is Created - Carla Mooney

    Where does the news that students hear--on television, the radio, and online--come from? And who decides what's news? Asking Questions about How the News is Created discusses how an event becomes a story, and how the biases of the gatekeepers of the news media can alter the messages being sent.

    CHILDREN 070.195 M818 2016    
    Learning About Fact and Opinion

    Learning About Fact and Opinion - Martha E.H. Rustad

    Introduces readers to the media literacy skills needed to evaluate and understand the difference between fact and opinion in media. Includes a hands-on activity related to media literacy.

    CHILDREN 302.23 R971 2015
    Learning about Media Literacy

    Learning about Media Literacy - Martha E.H. Rustad

    Introduces readers to media, who creates it, and why. Straightforward text and clear photographs gives readers the tools needed to evaluate and understand all types of media. Includes a hands-on activity related to media literacy.

    CHILDREN 302.23 R971L 2015
    Know What to Ask

    Know What to Ask - Kristin Fontichiaro and Emily Johnson

    Explains the difference between open and closed questions, and discusses techniques for conducting preliminary research on topics in order to formulate educated open-ended questions.

    CHILDREN 001.42 F684 2013
    Half-Truths and Brazen Lies

    Half-Truths and Brazen Lies - Kira Vermond

    Do you believe in telling the truth? Sure you do. But even thats a lie because we all lie. Whether to protect a friend, to make someone feel better, or to avoid telling even bigger lies later, lying is actually central to human nature. Usually were taught that lying is bad, and thats that. But in reality, its rarely so black and white. Kira Vermonds latest book answers questions like: Why do we lie? What types of lies are there? What are the consequences of lying? What methods are used to detect lies? And when is it okay or even good to lie? From forgeries and hoaxes to plagiarism and placebos, Half-Truths and Brazen Lies offers historical anecdotes, scientific studies, and sociocultural analyses to help unpack the complex world of untruths.

    CHILDREN 177.3 V527 2016    
    How to Stay Informed

    How to Stay Informed - Leslie Harper

    Explains the importance of being well informed as a community leader, and provides advice on understanding mass media and journalism, recognizing reliable and unreliable sources, and using libraries, the Internet, and other resources.

    CHILDREN 302.23 H294 2015
    What James Said

    What James Said - Liz Rosenberg

    A little girl ignores her best friend James after she hears rumors that he has been talking about her, but soon realizes that she misses his friendship.

    PICTURE BOOK Rosenberg, L.
    Hen Hears Gossip

    Hen Hears Gossip - Megan McDonald

    When Hen overhears some news on the farm, she runs to tell Duck, who tells another animal, and as the gossip is repeated from one animal to the next, it becomes unrecognizable.

    PICTURE BOOK McDonald, M.
    Myths Busted! 3

    Myths Busted! 3 - Emily Krieger

    This is the book that will put to rest even more rumors, misconceptions, superstitions, and flat out lies that you hear every day--also known as the book your mom never wanted you to see. Think boys are better at math? Don't bet on it. Think an apple-a-day keeps the doctor away? Better buy some oranges too. Think you evolved from a chimp? You might want to check your sources on that.

    CHILDREN 001.96 N277 2015 v.3    
    The Firefly Code

    The Firefly Code - Megan Frazer Blakemore

    Mori and her friends live a normal life on Firefly Lane in Old Harmonie, a utopian community where every kid knows he or she is genetically engineered to be better and smarter, but when a strangely perfect new girl named Ilana moves in, the friends begin to question the only world they have ever known.

    CHILDREN FICTION Blakemore, M.
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