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Let's Talk About Immigration- Kids

    Stepping Stones

    Stepping Stones - Margriet Ruurs; artwork by Nizar Ali Badr

    In this picture book, a young girl and her family are forced to flee their village to escape the civil war that has engulfed Syria and make their way toward freedom in Europe.

    Their Great Gift: Courage, Sacrifice, and Hope in a New Land

    Their Great Gift: Courage, Sacrifice, and Hope in a New Land - John Coy; photographs by Wing Young Huie

    Explores the experience of immigrants who came to America in the twenty-first century, celebrating the diversity of the country and hope for the future.

    CHILDREN 305.906912 C881 2016
    Somos como las nubes

    Somos como las nubes - Jorge Argueta; pictures by Alfonso Ruano

    Poems describe the experiences of young Central Americans as they leave the dangers of their own countries to undertake the risky journey north to seek relative safety in the United States.

    We Came to America

    We Came to America - Faith Ringgold

    Celebrates United States immigration and the country's diverse immigrant heritage.

    PICTURE BOOK Ringgold, F.
    The Only Road

    The Only Road - Alexandra Diaz

    Twelve-year-old Jaime makes the treacherous journey from his home in Guatemala to his older brother in New Mexico after his cousin is murdered by a drug cartel.

    This is Me

    This is Me - Jamie Lee Curtis; illustrated by Laura Cornell

    This is a picture book about immigration. Raising important identity issues like "where did we come from?" and "who are we?", This Is Me is as delightful as it is important, sure to stimulate dinner table conversation.

    PICTURE BOOK Curtis, J.
    Four Feet, Two Sandals

    Four Feet, Two Sandals - Karen Lynn Williams & Khadra Mohammed; illustrated by Doug Chayka

    Two young Afghani girls living in a refugee camp in Pakistan share a precious pair of sandals brought by relief workers. Includes author's note about refugees.

    Paper Son: Lee's Journey to America

    Paper Son: Lee's Journey to America - Helen Foster James & Virginia Shin-Mui Loh; illustrated by Wilson Ong

    Twelve-year-old Lee, an orphan, reluctantly leaves his grandparents in China for the long sea voyage to San Francisco, where he and other immigrants undergo examinations at Angel Island Immigration Station.

    PICTURE BOOK James, H.
    In the New World: A Family in Two Centuries

    In the New World: A Family in Two Centuries - Gerda Raidt and Christa Holtei

    A family of four emigrates from Germany to the United States in the mid-nineteenth century, traveling by wagon train and settling on a Nebraska farm more than a century before their descendants investigate their roots and visit Germany.

    CHILDREN 304.873 H758 2015
    Calling the Water Drum

    Calling the Water Drum - LaTisha Redding; illustrated by Aaron Boyd

    A young boy loses both parents as they attempt to flee Haiti for a better life, and afterward is only able to process his grief and communicate with the outside world through playing the drums.

    PICTURE BOOK Redding, L.
    The Quiet Place

    The Quiet Place - Sarah Stewart; pictures by David Small

    A little girl moves to the United States from Mexico with her family and writes letters to her aunt in Mexico about her new life.

    PICTURE BOOK Stewart, S.
    A Piece of Home

    A Piece of Home - Jeri Watts; illustrated by Hyewon Yum

    Moving with his family from Korea to West Virginia, Hee Jun struggles to adjust to his new home, an unfamiliar language, and the different appearances of his classmates before making friends and bringing a familiar flower home to his grandmother.

    PICTURE BOOK Watts, J.
    A Nation of Immigrants

    A Nation of Immigrants - Paul Robert Walker

    CHILDREN 304.873 W183 2012
    Life in America: Comparing Immigrant Experiences

    Life in America: Comparing Immigrant Experiences - Brynn Baker

    CHILDREN 304.80973 B167 2016
    Here I Am

    Here I Am - Patti Kim; pictures by Sonia Sanchez

    Tells the story in pictures of a family newly immigrated to the United Sates and the challenges of starting a life in a new place.

    We are America: A Tribute from the Heart

    We are America: A Tribute from the Heart - Walter Dean Myers; illustrated by Christopher Myers

    New York Times bestselling author Walter Dean Myers and Caldecott Honor artist Christopher Myers, the father-son team who created harlem, celebrate the freedom dream that is America: our struggles, our ideals, and our hope that we can live up to them.

    CHILDREN 811.54 M996w 2011
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