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The Art of Frankenstein

An explosive collision of games, technology, the library and media

Libraries Illuminated is a yearlong series consisting of four interactive Library programs. We are taking engaging and enriching Library resources, and tweaking them so that they can work -- and work better -- for a worldwide-streamed audience. To do this, the Library is launching a Twitch channel, and planning events that will take place in-person and online.

Libraries Illuminated Programs

Minecraft SacramentoGamer's Book Club
Board(less) GamesDiscover VR

Minecraft Sacramento

Iconic Sacramento buildings are getting a Minecraft makeover. Local teens will use the archives of the Sacramento Room to guide a redesign of two Sacramento structures: Sutter’s Fort and the downtown library. The Minecraft redesigns will be based on the original construction specs, rather than how they stand today. Watch Sacramento come to life in Minecraft on Twitch.

On May 22, we will host a virtual tour of the completed monuments, led by Library archivists James and Amanda. The tour will include local history and lore and will show how Library digital resources helped shape the teens’ creations.

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Gamer’s Book Club 

Authors, thinkers and speakers from a wide variety of video gaming topics will join a librarian-led book club focusing on key issues in video game culture, history and creation. Topics to be covered include:

  • How are games made?
    Ralph Koster, A Theory of Fun
    June 16, Saturday
  • What is a game?
    Cara Ellison, Embed With Games
    July 21, Saturday
  • How has gamer culture and identity changed?
    Dr. Kocurek and Dr. Chess, Coin Operated Americans and Ready Player Two
    August 18, Saturday

Book club discussions will be streamed, and will feature authors of our selections and related readings. Audience participation is encouraged via Twitch.

Speakers and titles will be announced as they are finalized. Reading selections will be available for checkout.

Board(less) Games – Coming August

Designers, enthusiasts and storytellers who use board games as the medium for their art will come to the Library to discuss their relationship with games. Learn how a game designer balances the mechanics and issues for a game like Magic the Gathering. Dig into the subtleties of telling a cooperative story with a game mechanic for games like Dungeons and Dragons or Fate from someone who runs these games as a profession. Talk with an indie board game designer and find out how they build board games and where potential pitfalls may lie.  

Sessions will be live streamed on Twitch and viewers will have the chance to interact with the developers, game masters and designers. Sessions may include a short ‘real play’ demo of games, followed by Q&A.

Guests to be announced.

Discover VR – Coming October

Are you new to virtual reality? Try it out for the first time and have the experience broadcast on Twitch. Are you an early adopter of virtual reality? Experience it in a new way as the Library partners with virtual reality developers and vanguards to discuss the future of this exciting and evolving technology.

Libraries Illuminated is a project of Sacramento Public Library and the California State Library. It is supported with California Library Services Act funding administered by the California Library Services Board.

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