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Holiday Romance

    A Family for Christmas

    A Family for Christmas - Jay Northcote

    Zac never had a family of his own, but Rudy has enough to share. Shy, inexperienced Rudy has a crush on Zac from the moment his new colleague walks through the door. On an office night out before Christmas, Rudy finds the courage to make a move, and they form a tentative bond.
    A Snow Country Christmas

    A Snow Country Christmas - Linda Lael Miller

    Contented with her life in Mustang Creek, a graphic artist and single mom is challenged by her opposites-attract fling with a Hollywood executive during a short-term visit that is complicated by unexpected feelings.
    A Tiara Under the Tree

    A Tiara Under the Tree - Carolyn Hector

    Former beauty queen Waverly Leverve can barely show her face in public after an embarrassing meme goes viral. But now fate and a misdelivered pizza have brought her dreams back to life. Gorgeous bad boy turned business mogul Dominic Crowne wants to sponsor Waverly in a pageant scheduled for Christmas Eve. Waverly vows to keep their arrangement purely professional—but soon their arrangement quickly takes a sensual turn….
    Billionaire Boss, Holiday Baby

    Billionaire Boss, Holiday Baby - Janice Maynard

    Being stranded with her crush-worthy boss isn’t part of Dani Meadows’s job description. But she and sexy CEO Nathaniel Winston are snowbound for Christmas…along with an adorable baby who might be Nathaniel’s daughter. Nathaniel needs Dani’s help. But his fantasies about his executive assistant are nowhere near as hot as the reality of having her in his home…and in his bed. When the snow melts, will he be able to say goodbye?
    Chasing Christmas Eve

    Chasing Christmas Eve - Jill Shalvis

    Writer Colbie Albright, fleeing to San Francisco to escape her crazy family, falls for a handsome stranger and, deciding to spend the holidays with Spencer Baldwin, must make a difficult decision when the two weeks they have together comes to an end.
    Christmas at Two Love Lane

    Christmas at Two Love Lane - Kieran Kramer

    From the moment he strode through the iron gate and into the offices of Two Love Lane on a crisp December day, it was obvious that Deacon Banks was something different. He wasn't a Charleston native, not with that adorable Yankee accent. And unlike the usual client at the elegant matchmaking agency, he had no interest in finding a woman to marry--just a few no-strings dates while he was in town.
    Christmas in a Cowboy's Arms

    Christmas in a Cowboy's Arms - Leigh Greenwood

    Whether it's a lonely spinster finding passion at infamous outlaw-turned-lawman reaffirming the love that keeps him whole...a lost and broken drifter discovering family in unlikely places...a Texas Ranger risking it all for one remarkable woman...two lovers bringing together a family ripped apart by prejudice...or reunited lovers given a second chance to correct past mistakes...a Christmas spent in a cowboy's arms is full of hope, laughter, and—most of all—love.
    Christmas with My Cowboy

    Christmas with My Cowboy - Diana Palmer

    Holiday magic is in the air in this trio of contemporary romances that includes Diana Palmer’s “Christmas with My Cowboy,” in which Meadow Dawson, who has just inherited a Colorado ranch, gets the unexpected gift of love when she matches wits with her neighbor cattleman Dal Blake.
    Christmastime Cowboy

    Christmastime Cowboy - Maisey Yates

    Deciding to have a hot affair with the man who broke her heart years ago to get him out of her system once and for all, Sabrina Leighton finds her plan taking an unexpected turn when she realizes that he is exactly what she needs in her life, in a book that includes a bonus story.
    Do Not Open 'Til Christmas

    Do Not Open 'Til Christmas - Sierra Donovan

    A freelance reporter and waitress at the Pine ‘n’ Dine restaurant, Chloe Davenport finally gets her big chance to work full-time at the Tall Pine Gazette and is determined to show her boss Bret Radner, whose tough exterior conceals a hidden hurt, the magic of the holiday season.
    Holiday Spice

    Holiday Spice - Samantha Chase

    When her trip to sunny L.A. ends up in Washington, Darcy Shaughnessy finds herself snowed in with a brooding, yet handsome, artist and as they are forced to spend time together, the ice starts to melt between them.
    Holly and Ivy

    Holly and Ivy - Fern Michaels

    Facing another holiday season alone eight years after losing her husband and children in a plane crash, an airline heiress bonds with a young singing prodigy from a home where music is forbidden by the girl's grieving widower father.
    Just a Little Christmas

    Just a Little Christmas - Janet Dailey

    Returning home to Branding Iron, Texas, divorced and pregnant, Ellie Marsden finds herself falling for cattle rancher Jubal McFarland, her high school sweetheart, and his young daughter as the magic of Christmas gives them both the greatest gift of all—a second chance at love.
    Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas

    Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas - Carolyn Brown

    A self-proclaimed loner, rancher Nash Lamont, during the holidays, finds his life turned upside down when he temporarily opens his home to a beautiful widow and her three precocious children, who are determined to have a real family again.
    Maybe This Christmas

    Maybe This Christmas - Jennifer Snow

    When her best friend NHL star Asher Westmore, sidelined from the ice due to an injury, returns home for the holidays, physical therapist Emma Callaway, while helping him heal, must keep her feelings in check after they add benefits to their friendship.
    Merry and Bright

    Merry and Bright - Debbie Macomber

    Enduring a challenging year of constant work and family care, Merry struggles to take a break from her everyday responsibilities by creating an online dating profile and striking up an online friendship with a charming stranger who turns out to be someone she recognizes.
    Never Christmas Without You

    Never Christmas Without You - Nana Malone

    Justin Morrison would do anything to make his ailing grandmother happy. Even if that means inventing a fake girlfriend to take home for the holidays. His best friend, Alex Winters, reluctantly agrees, but it's not easy to keep her long-buried feelings for Justin under wraps when they're sharing a room…, a bed…, a kiss. Christmas in Catalina is turning out to be hotter than anyone expected, but is theirs a love for all seasons? 
    Sugar Pine Trail

    Sugar Pine Trail - RaeAnne Thayne

    After she agrees to care for her two younger brothers during Christmas, librarian Julia Winston accepts the help of her neighbor, military pilot Jamie Caine, a man she thinks is not her type, until she discovers a side of Jamie she never expected.
    Tangled Up in Tinsel

    Tangled Up in Tinsel - Candis Terry

    While preparing to open his new restaurant just in time for his brother’s Christmas wedding, Parker Kincade is distracted from the task at hand by his new head chef, Gabriella Montani, and the sizzling chemistry between them, which gets them both into hot water.
    The Amish Christmas Candle

    The Amish Christmas Candle - Kelly Long

    Collects three Christmas tales featuring Amish men and women sharing the love of the season.
    The Christmas Cowboy Hero

    The Christmas Cowboy Hero - Donna Grant

    Coming home for the holidays to care for his ailing father, ex-Navy SEAL Clayton East, while trying to save the family ranch, realizes that headstrong Abby Harper is the perfect woman for him after giving her brother, who has been arrested for stealing his cattle, a second chance.
    The Perfect Present

    The Perfect Present - Rochelle Alers

    A trio of heartwarming holiday romances includes Rochelle Alers’ A Christmas Layover , in which a Navy SEAL Captain and elementary school teacher pose as a couple when their flight is grounded and she brings him home to stay with her extended family for one night.
    Under a Falling Star

    Under a Falling Star - Jae

    Falling stars are supposed to be a lucky sign, but not for Austen. Her new job as a secretary in an international games company isn’t off to a good start. Her first assignment—decorating the Christmas tree in the lobby—results in a trip to the ER after Dee, the company’s second-in-command, gets hit by the star-shaped tree topper. Dee blames her instant attraction to Austen on her head wound, not the magic of the falling star. She’s determined not to act on it, especially since Austen has no idea that Dee is practically her boss.
    Unwrap These Presents

    Unwrap These Presents - Astrid Ohletz

    Twenty-three authors of lesbian fiction contributed holiday stories that give you snow, presents, plenty of food, holiday cheer and nicely wrapped curvy women under the tree.

    Whiteout - Elyse Springer

    Noah Landers wakes up one day with a headache and no memory of where--or who--he is. Jason, the man taking care of him, tries to fill in some of the blanks: they're in a cabin in Colorado on vacation, and Noah slipped on ice and hit his head. But even with amnesia, Noah knows Jason is leaving out something important.
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