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How Austentatious!


Sense and Sensibility - Introduction & Etiquette Presentation

Austen scholar, Dr. David Bell, introduced the book. Then, Rachel Dodge presented an interesting talk on Regency-era etiquette that will familiarize you with the customs central to all of Jane Austen’s novels.

Rachel Dodge's etiquette presentation

David Bell’s lecture


Book Discussion & Carriage Presentation

Ed Ratcliffe discussed Regency-era transportation and its significance in Austen’s novels during an entertaining talk.

Ed Ratcliffe's carriage presentation

Pride and Prejudice - Introduction & Tour of Austen's England

In 2013 Pride and Prejudice celebrates 200 years in print. Would you believe that it was once rejected by a publisher?

Austen scholar Dr. David Bell introduced the book. Then, Rachel Dodge returned to be our guide to take us a virtual tour of the locales and architecture found in Austen’s books.

Rachel Dodge's presentation
David Bell's presentation

Pride and Prejudice – Period Music Demonstration

The Sacramento Country Dance Society’s talented musicians played period music, their dancers demonstrated, and their instructors taught  us the essentials of English Country Dancing.


Emma - Introduction & Needlework Presentation

Dr. David Bell introduced the book; we learned about the handiwork of accomplished ladies in Austen’s time; then, textile arts historian Vima de Marchi Micheli gave a presentation on lace and embroidery of the Regency era.

David Bell's introduction to Emma
Vima deMarchi Micheli's presentation
Stephenee Borelli's presentation

Emma - The Mystery of Emma & Book Discussion

Austen scholar Dr. David Bell presented a paper that shed light on the mystery found in Emma.

David Bell Presentation

Mansfield Park - Introduction & Volume I Book Discussion

As the least read of Austen's novels, you might consider yourself a true "Janeite" having read it. Austen scholar Dr. David Bell introduced his favorite Austen novel and gave a talk about landscaping.

David Bell Presentation


Mansfield Park - Lovers' Vows Performance, Volumes II & III Book Discussion

We enjoyed a dramatic performance as talented local actors performed scenes from Lovers' Vows, a play central to the plot.

David Bell’s presentation

Northanger Abbey - Book Discussion & Gothic Literature

Professor Jason Gieger of Sacramento State University gave a talk on Gothic literature, a favorite genre of Austen and inspiration for her Gothic parody. The Sacramento Room had a display of 18th century books from its own collection.

Northanger Abbey - Soprano Robin Fisher & Regency Fashion Show

We listened to a performance fit for a Regency-era drawing room by soprano Robin Fisher, accompanied by pianist John Cozza. Then we enjoyed a Regency-era fashion show while Shelley Monson talked about the period’s most stylish fashions.

Robin Fisher Presentation

Persuasion - Introduction & the Royal Navy

Austen scholar Dr. David Bell introduced the book. Then, we enjoyed a talk by Royal Navy-enthusiast Jim Rich. Since the hero of Persuasion is a sea captain, it is fitting that we learned about life in the navy and the crucial role the Royal Navy played in protecting Britain against its European enemies.

Jim Rich's presentation


Persuasion - Regency Medicine & Book Discussion

Palma Lower discussed health and medicine as they pertain to the plots of Austen’s novels, especially Persuasion.

Palma Lower's Presentation


First Annual Jane Austen Birthday Tea

We enjoyed a harp performance by Kyra Pigford and an entertaining talk on charades by Mark Turner.
Listen to presentations by Librarian Stephenee Borelli, Professor David Bell, Library Director Rivkah Sass, and charades expert Mark Turner.
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