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10 Books About Finding Home

    Elsie’s Bird

    Elsie’s Bird - Jane Yolen

    Young Elsie must find a way to adapt to her new home on the Nebraska prairie after she and her father leave their city life in Boston.
    Everybody Bonjours!

    Everybody Bonjours! - Leslie Kimmelman

     Strolling the beautiful streets of Paris with her parents, a little girl is told "bonjour,” until she arrives home and hears “hello.” 

    Home - Carson Ellis

    A whimsical tribute to the many possibilities of home.
    Listen, Slowly

    Listen, Slowly - Thanhhà Lai

    Mai struggles to adapt to an unfamiliar culture while redefining her sense of family.
    Nini Here and There

    Nini Here and There - Anita Lobel

    Fearing that her family is going on vacation without her, Nini the cat ends up traveling with her owners to their new home.

    Room for Bear

    Room for Bear - Ciara Gavin

    Bear and a family of ducks try to find the perfect home to share.

    Telephone - Mac Barnett

    Peter Pigeon’s mom wants him to come home for dinner, so a string of birds plays a game of telephone to get her message across.
    The Day the Crayons Came Home

    The Day the Crayons Came Home - Drew Daywalt, Oliver Jeffers

    A stack of postcards arrives in the mail from Duncan’s former crayons, each of which want to come home.
    The Quiet Place

    The Quiet Place - Sarah Stewart

    A little girl moves to the United States from Mexico with her family and writes letters to her aunt in Mexico about her new life.
    Welcome Home, Bear

    Welcome Home, Bear - Il Sung Na

    Tired of his own home, a bear goes exploring, visiting animals around the world in their various habitats.

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