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10 Books About Inventing and Making

    The Most Magnficent Thing

    The Most Magnficent Thing - Ashley Spires

    A little girl is going to make the most magnificent thing! But making the most magnificent thing turns out to be harder than she thinks.

    PICTURE BOOK Spires, A.
    What Do You Do with an Idea?

    What Do You Do with an Idea? - Kobi Yamada

    A young boy comes up with an idea and he keeps it safe, until one day he realizes the amazing power it can have.

    PICTURE BOOK Yamada, K.
    Extra Yarn

    Extra Yarn - Mac Barnett

    With a supply of yarn that never runs out, Annabelle knits for everyone and everything in town until an evil archduke decides he wants the yarn for himself.

    PICTURE BOOK Barnett, M.
    Not a Box

    Not a Box - Antoinette Portis

    To an imaginative bunny, a box is not always just a box.

    PICTURE BOOK Portis, A.
    Time to Build

    Time to Build - Kate Riggs

    Detailed illustrations and simple text are paired within a board book format to introduce six common tools and how they are used in a special project.

    BOARD BOOK Riggs, K.
    Whoosh!: Lonnie Johnson's Super-Soaking Stream of Inventions

    Whoosh!: Lonnie Johnson's Super-Soaking Stream of Inventions - Chris Barton

    Chronicles the life and achievements of the NASA engineer and inventor, from his childhood to his accidental invention of the Super Soaker water gun.

    CHILDREN BIOGRAPHY Johnson, L. 2016
    March of the Mini-Beasts

    March of the Mini-Beasts - Ada Hopper

    Three second-graders who love science get thrown in a wild spiral of adventures after meeting their reclusive neighbor, Dr. Gustav Bunsen.

    MOVING UP Hopper, A.
    Mix it Up!

    Mix it Up! - Hervé Tullet

    Using no special effects other than the reader's imagination, simple directions lead the reader to experiment with mixing and changing colors on the printed page.

    PICTURE BOOK Tullet, H.   
    Rosie Revere, Engineer

    Rosie Revere, Engineer - Andrea Beaty

    A young aspiring engineer must first conquer her fear of failure.

    PICTURE BOOK Beaty, A.
    If I Built a Car

    If I Built a Car - Chris Van Dusen

    Jack describes the kind of car he would build--one with amazing accessories and with the capability of traveling on land, in the air, and on and under the sea.

    PICTURE BOOK Van Dusen, C.
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