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10 Books About New Experiences

    Everywhere Babies

    Everywhere Babies - Susan Meyers

    Every day, everywhere, babies are kissed and dressed and rocked and fed--and completely adored by the families who love them. An exuberant celebration of all the things babies do best.

    PICTURE BOOK Meyers, S.
    Wemberly Worried

    Wemberly Worried - Kevin Henkes

    Wemberly, who worries about everything, finds that she has a whole list of things to worry about when she faces the first day of nursery school.

    PICTURE BOOK Henkes, K.
    How Rocket Learned to Read

    How Rocket Learned to Read - Tad Hills

    A little yellow bird teaches Rocket the dog how to read by first introducing him to the "wondrous, mighty, gorgeous alphabet."

    PICTURE BOOK Hills, T.
    Pecan Pie Baby

    Pecan Pie Baby - Jacqueline Woodson

    When Mama's pregnancy draws attention away from Gia, she worries that the special bond they share will disappear forever once the baby is born.

    PICTURE BOOK Woodson, J.
    City Dog, Country Frog

    City Dog, Country Frog - Mo Willems

    Through the seasons, whenever City Dog visits the country he runs straight for Country Frog's rock to play games with him, but during the winter things change for them both.

    PICTURE BOOK Willems, M.
    The New Girl - and Me

    The New Girl - and Me - Jacqui Robbins

    Shakeeta and Mia become friends when Shakeeta boasts that she has a pet iguana and Mia learns how to help Shakeeta "feel at home" even when she is in school.

    PICTURE BOOK Robbins, J.
    Bugs in My Hair

    Bugs in My Hair - David Shannon

    A horrified boy discovers he has head lice and tries some wild remedies to get rid of them.

    PICTURE BOOK Shannon, D.
    Jingle Dancer

    Jingle Dancer - Cynthia Leitich Smith

    Jenna, a member of the Muscogee, or Creek, Nation, borrows jingles from the dresses of several friends and relatives so that she can perform the jingle dance at the powwow.

    PICTURE BOOK Smith, C.
    Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel

    Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel - Nikki Grimes

    Dyamonde Daniel misses her old neighborhood, but when she befriends a boy named Free, another new student at school, she finally starts to feel at home.

    The Year of the Dog

    The Year of the Dog - Grace Lin

    Frustrated at her seeming lack of talent for anything, a young girl sets out to apply the lessons of the Chinese Year of the Dog by making new friends and finding herself.

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