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10 Books Make a Splash

    This is Not My Hat

    This is Not My Hat - Jon Klassen

    A tiny minnow wearing a pale blue bowler hat has a thing or two up his fins in this underwater light-on-dark chase scene.

    PICTURE BOOK Klassen, J.
    Leo Can Swim

    Leo Can Swim - Anna McQuinn

    Baby Leo loves the water, so his father takes him to swim class with the other toddlers.

    PICTURE BOOK McQuinn, A.

    Puddle - Hyewon Yum

    A mother and son use their imagination to have fun on a rainy day.


    Splash! - Ann Jonas

    A little girl's pets jump in and out of a backyard pond, constantly changing the answer to "How many are in
    my pond?"

    PICTURE BOOK Jonas, A.
    Don't Splash the Sasquatch!

    Don't Splash the Sasquatch! - Kent Redeker

    Señor Sasquatch wants to relax beside Mr. Blobule's pool without getting wet, but he is thoroughly splashed by the other guests.

    PICTURE BOOK Redeker, K.
    Rain Fish

    Rain Fish - Lois Ehlert

    The varied, colorful, and unique little collections of materials that float along on streams of rain water during storms come to life.

    PICTURE BOOK Ehlert, L.
    The Whale in My Swimming Pool

    The Whale in My Swimming Pool - Joyce Wan

    A young boy discovers a whale in his pool and tries everything he can think of to get it out.


    Rain - Marion Dane Bauer

    Illustrations and simple text explain what rain is, how it is used by plants, birds, and people, and the importance of clean water.

    EASY READER 1 551.577 B344 2016
    Stink and the Freaky Frog Freakout

    Stink and the Freaky Frog Freakout - Megan McDonald

    After an encounter with a mutant amphibian, water-shy Stink becomes a swimming success.

    MOVING UP McDonald, M.
    Raymie Nightingale

    Raymie Nightingale - Kate DiCamillo

    Hoping that if she wins a local beauty pageant her father will come home, Raymie practices twirling a baton and is drawn into unlikely friendships.

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