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Diverse Realistic Fiction For Older Readers

    Dancing Home

    Dancing Home - Ada, Alma Flor

    When Margie's cousin Lupe comes from Mexico to live in California with Margie's family, Lupe must adapt to America, while Margie, who thought it would be fun to have her cousin there, finds that she is embarrassed by her in school and jealous of her at home.
    How Tia Lola Came to Visit/Stay

    How Tia Lola Came to Visit/Stay - Alvarez, Julia

    Although ten-year-old Miguel is at first embarrassed by his colorful aunt, Tia Lola, when she comes to Vermont from the Dominican Republic to stay with his mother, his sister, and him after his parents' divorce, he learns to love her.
    Seaglass Summer

    Seaglass Summer - Banerjee, Anjali

    While spending a month on an island off the coast of Washington helping in her Uncle Sanjay's veterinary clinic, eleven-year-old Poppy Ray soon questions her decision to follow in her uncle's footsteps.
    The Heart of a Chief

    The Heart of a Chief - Bruchac, Joseph

    An eleven-year-old Penacook Indian boy living on a reservation faces his father's alcoholism, a controversy surrounding plans for a casino on a tribal island, and insensitivity toward Native Americans in his school and nearby town.
    Vive la Paris

    Vive la Paris - Codell, Esme Raji

    Fifth-grader Paris learns some lessons about dealing with bullies of all kinds as she wonders how to stop a classmate from beating up her brother at school and as she learns about the Holocaust from her piano teacher, Mrs. Rosen.
    Brendan Buckley’s Sixth Grade Experiment

    Brendan Buckley’s Sixth Grade Experiment - Frazier, Sundee

    As biracial Brendan Buckley enters middle school, he deals with issues with his African American father, a new girl at school, and his changing friendship with his best friend.
    Camp Can't

    Camp Can't - Gallagher, Diana

    Thirteen-year-old Claudia wants to prove that she should be a junior counselor at Blue River Camp next year, but first she must face mean girls, the boy she has a crush on, a seven-year-old rascal she often babysits, her own bad luck, and a challenging swimming test.
    The Whole Story of Half a Girl

    The Whole Story of Half a Girl - Hiranandani, Veera

    When Sonia's father loses his job and she must move from her small, supportive private school to a public middle school, she experiences culture shock as she tries to navigate the school's unfamiliar social scene, and after her father is diagnosed with clinical depression, she finds herself becoming even more confused about herself and her family.
    Any Small Goodness

    Any Small Goodness - Johnston, Tony

    Arturo and his family and friends share all kinds of experiences living in the barrio of East Los Angeles--reclaiming their names, playing basketball, championing the school librarian, and even starting their own gang.
    Confetti Girl

    Confetti Girl - Lopez, Diana

    After the death of her mother, Texas sixth-grader Lina's grades and mood drop as she watches her father lose himself more and more in books, while her best friend uses Lina as an excuse to secretly meet her boyfriend.
    Camo Girl

    Camo Girl - Magoon, Kekla

    A poignant novel about a biracial girl living in the suburbs of Las Vegas examines the friendships that grow out of, and despite, her race.
    The Cruisers

    The Cruisers - Myers, Walter Dean

    Friends Zander, Kambui, LaShonda, and Bobbi, caught in the middle of a mock Civil War at DaVinci Academy, learn the true cost of freedom of speech when they use their alternative newspaper, The Cruiser, to try to make peace.
    Ghetto Cowboy

    Ghetto Cowboy - Neri, G.

    Twelve-year-old Cole's behavior causes his mother to drive him from Detroit to Philadelphia to live with a father he has never known, who soon has Cole involved with a group of African-American "cowboys" who rescue horses and use them to steer youths away from drugs and gangs.
    Project Mulberry

    Project Mulberry - Park, Linda Sue

    While working on a project for an after-school club, Julia, a Korean American girl, and her friend Patrick learn not just about silkworms, but also about tolerance, prejudice, friendship, patience, and more.
    Safe at Home

    Safe at Home - Robinson, Sharon

    After the death of his father, Elijah Breeze, a ten-year-old African American boy, moves back to New York City with his mother and attends a summer baseball camp as he tries to make new friends and adapt to urban ways.
    The Great Wall of Lucy Wu

    The Great Wall of Lucy Wu - Shang, Wendy Wan-Long

    Eleven-year-old aspiring basketball star and interior designer Lucy Wu is excited about finally having her own bedroom, until she learns that her great-aunt is coming to visit and Lucy will have to share a room with her for several months, shattering her plans for a perfect sixth-grade year.
    Blue Jasmine

    Blue Jasmine - Sheth, Kashmira

    When twelve-year-old Seema moves to Iowa City with her parents and younger sister, she leaves friends and family behind in her native India but gradually begins to feel at home in her new country.
    Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time

    Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time - Yee, Lisa

    After flunking sixth-grade English, basketball prodigy Stanford Wong must struggle to pass his summer-school class, keep his failure a secret from his friends, and satisfy his academically demanding father.
    The Detention Club

    The Detention Club - Yoo, David

    Sixth-grader Peter Lee, in a desperate attempt to regain the popularity he had in elementary school, discovers that serving detention can win him important friends, much to the dismay of his over-achieving eighth-grade sister, Sunny.
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