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Stars of 2016: Ages 0-8

    School's First Day of School

    School's First Day of School - Adam Rex; illustrated by Christian Robinson

    It's the first day of school at Frederick Douglass Elementary and everyone's just a little bit nervous, especially the school itself.

    PICTURE BOOK Rex, A.    
    Thunder Boy Jr.

    Thunder Boy Jr. - Sherman Alexie; illustrated by Yuyi Morales

    Thunder Boy Jr. wants a normal name ... one that's all his own. Dad is known as Big Thunder, but Little Thunder doesn't want to share a name.

    PICTURE BOOK Alexie, S.
    Before Morning

    Before Morning - Joyce Sidman ; illustrated by Beth Krommes

    Let snow fall overnight and change the world before morning, making it "slow and delightful and white."

    PICTURE BOOK Sidman, J.
    Frank and Lucky Get Schooled

    Frank and Lucky Get Schooled - Lynne Rae Perkins

    A boy and his dog learn about each other, go to school to learn more, then explore the world around them as they study science, geography, and even foreign languages together.

    PICTURE BOOK Perkins, L.
    The Princess and the Warrior

    The Princess and the Warrior - Duncan Tonatiuh

    Award-winning author Duncan Tonatiuh reimagines one of Mexico's cherished legends. Princess Izta had many wealthy suitors but dismissed them all. When a mere warrior, Popoca, promised to be true to her and stay always by her side, Izta fell in love. The emperor promised Popoca if he could defeat their enemy Jaguar Claw, then Popoca and Izta could wed. When Popoca was near to defeating Jaguar Claw, his opponent sent a messenger to Izta saying Popoca was dead. Izta fell into a deep sleep and, upon his return, even Popoca could not wake her. As promised Popoca stayed by her side.

    CHILDREN 398.2089 T663 2016
    The Airport Book

    The Airport Book - Lisa Brown

    An exploratory journey through the airport.

    PICTURE BOOK Brown, L.                                      
    Rudas: Niño's Horrendous Hermanitas

    Rudas: Niño's Horrendous Hermanitas - Yuyi Morales

    Niño's little sisters get in on the wrestling action.

    PICTURE BOOK Morales, Y.
    A Small Thing... But Big

    A Small Thing... But Big - Tony Johnston; pictures by Hadley Hooper

    Lizzie meets an elderly man and his companion, Cecile, at the park, but Lizzie is afraid of dogs, so she relies on her new friend to help her take things one step at a time.

    PICTURE BOOK Johnston, T.    
    Snappsy the Alligator Did Not Ask to Be in This Book!

    Snappsy the Alligator Did Not Ask to Be in This Book! - Julie Falatko; illustrated by Tim Miller

    Snappsy's ordinary day is interrupted by a meddling narrator.

    PICTURE BOOK Falatko, J.
    The Storyteller

    The Storyteller - Evan Turk

    In a time of drought in the Kingdom of Morocco, a storyteller and a boy weave a tale to thwart a Djinn and his sandstorm from destroying their city.

    There Is a Tribe of Kids

    There Is a Tribe of Kids - Lane Smith

    Follows a young boy and the many animals he meets on his adventure through the jungle.

    PICTURE BOOK Smith, L.    
    We Found a Hat

    We Found a Hat - Jon Klassen

    Two turtles find a hat that looks good on both of them, but, with fairness in mind, they decide to leave it be, until night falls and one of the turtles changes its mind.

    PICTURE BOOK Klassen, J.
    When Green Becomes Tomatoes

    When Green Becomes Tomatoes - Julie Fogliano; illustrated by Julie Morstad

    A book of poetry moving through the seasons.

    CHILDREN 811.6 F656 2016
    The White Cat and the Monk

    The White Cat and the Monk - Jo Ellen Bogart; illustrations by Sydney Smith

    After spending a night studying his books, a monk reflects on his life and finds that he and his cat live equally simple lives, both in constant pursuit.

    PICTURE BOOK Bogart, J.

    Armstrong - Torben Kuhlmann; translated by David Henry Wilson

    A long time ago a mouse learned to fly... and crossed the Atlantic. But what happened next? Torben Kuhlmann's stunning new book transports readers to the moon and beyond! On the heels of Lindbergh: The Tale of a Flying Mouse comes Armstrong: A Mouse on the Moon--where dreams are determined only by the size of your imagination and the biggest innovators are the smallest of all. The book ends with a brief non-fiction history of human space travel--from Galileo's observations concerning the nature of the universe to man's first steps on the moon.

    PICTURE BOOK Kuhlmann, T.
    Best Frints in the Whole Universe

    Best Frints in the Whole Universe - Antoinette Portis

    Yelfred and Omek of planet Boborp are best frints, even when they have disagreements.

    PICTURE BOOK Portis, A.
    Best in Snow

    Best in Snow - April Pulley Sayre

    A photographic non-fiction picture book about the wonder of snowfall and the winter water cycle.

    PICTURE BOOK Sayre, A.
    Du Iz Tak?

    Du Iz Tak? - Carson Ellis

    Readers are invited to imagine the dramatic possibilities to be found in the natural world, even the humblest back garden! With exquisitely-detailed illustration that will appeal to children and art-lovers alike, and a wonderfully playful invented language, we soon find ourselves speaking "Bug" ... Du iz tak? What is that?

    PICTURE BOOK Ellis, C.
    Freedom in Congo Square

    Freedom in Congo Square - Carole Boston Weatherford; illustrated by R. Gregory Christie

    As slaves relentlessly toiled in an unjust system in 19th century Louisiana, they all counted down the days until Sunday, when at least for half a day they were briefly able to congregate in Congo Square in New Orleans. Here they were free to set up an open market, sing, dance, and play music. They were free to forget their cares, their struggles, and their oppression. This story chronicles slaves' duties each day, from chopping logs on Mondays to baking bread on Wednesdays to plucking hens on Saturday, and builds to the freedom of Sundays and the special experience of an afternoon spent in Congo Square.

    CHILDREN 976.3 W362 2016
    A Hat for Mrs. Goldman

    A Hat for Mrs. Goldman - Michelle Edwards; illustrated by G. Brian Karas

    Sophia knits a special hat for her elderly neighbor and knitting teacher, Mrs. Goldman.

    PICTURE BOOK Edwards, M.
    I Hear a Pickle

    I Hear a Pickle - Rachel Isadora

    Children explore their five senses, learning what they can see, smell, hear, touch, and taste.

    PICTURE BOOK Isadora, R.
    Ideas Are All Around

    Ideas Are All Around - Phillip C. Stead

    In search of writing ideas, an author takes a walk with his dog around the neighborhood.

    PICTURE BOOK Stead, P.
    Lion Lessons

    Lion Lessons - Jon Agee

    Learning to be a lion takes some serious lessons, but luckily, this kid has a teacher who is a real pro.

    PICTURE BOOK Agee, J.    
    Old Dog Baby Baby

    Old Dog Baby Baby - Julie Fogliano; art by Chris Raschka

    A rhyming picture book about a lazy old dog and a playful baby,

    PICTURE BOOK Fogliano, J.
    Owl Sees Owl

    Owl Sees Owl - Laura Godwin & Rob Dunlavey

    A baby owl leaves the nest one night, explores the world around him, sees his own reflection, and then returns to the safety of home.

    PICTURE BOOK Godwin, L.
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