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Introducing a library card for every student

A new partnership between Sacramento Public Library and local school district will enable students to use their student ID as a public library card.
With the Student Success Library Card, students can:

How do I use my Student Success Library Card?

Use the letter code for your school district (“SJ” for San Juan Unified School District, "SC" for Sacramento City Unified School District or "TR" for Twin Rivers Unified School District) and your Student ID number wherever you are asked for a Library card number. For example, if your ID number were 123456, you would use SJ123456. Your 4 digit PIN will be set to the birth year on your school record. You may visit or call the library to reset this PIN.

Which school districts currently have Student Success Library Cards? 

- Sacramento City Unified School District
- San Juan Unified School District
- Twin Rivers Unified School District

If you are interested in offering this at your school district, email the Library K-12 Specialist.

How do I get a card to carry with me?

Your account is automatically activated, and you may begin using “SC”, "SJ", or "TR" + your Student ID number at any time to access Sacramento Public Library resources. To obtain a plastic card, visit any branch of Sacramento Public Library. Staff will add a library barcode to your account and issue a card with that barcode on it. At that point you may choose to use SC or SJ or TR + your Student ID number or that barcode number to access library resources, both will work to access library ebooks and digital resources.

What if I already have a Sacramento Public Library card? 

You may continue to use that card, and/or your new student Library card account. Library staff can merge the two into one card at your request. Visit any branch of Sacramento Public Library to have the accounts combined.

Can I upgrade my student card to a full Library card? 

Yes. Visit any branch of Sacramento Public Library to have your student card upgraded to a full Library card account. A legal guardian will need to provide photo ID and proof of address, and you will be asked for a phone number and/or email address to add to the account.

Can I get fines or fees with a Student Success Library Card? 

No. The Student Success Library Card as issued does not accumulate any fines/fees for the ebooks you borrow or other digital resources you can access. If you choose to upgrade it to a full library card, regular borrowing privileges and restrictions apply, including overdue fees for physical materials.

Read information about fees associated with a full Library card.

What if I don’t want my student to receive a Student Success Library Card?

If your student does not yet have a Library card, and you wish them not to receive a Student Success Library Card, you may opt out by filling in the form here
Student Success Library Card accounts will be kept private in compliance with all laws and regulations regarding both student and public library data.
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