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Academic Journals

Search thousands of scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles.

African American Experience: American Mosaic

Articles, media, and primary sources on the African-American Experience.

Consumer Reports

Research your next purchase with reliable product reviews.

History Reference Center

Historical documents, biographies, encyclopedias, photos and maps.

Literary Criticism

Find plot summaries, analysis, and criticism on major literary works.

Literary Reference Center

Literary criticism, plot summaries, author biographies and interviews, plus a poetry and short story library.

Magazines & Newspapers

Magazine, newspaper, and journal articles from more than 3,000 publications.

Points of View Reference Center

Learn both sides of an issue with point and counterpoint articles on controversial topics.

Science Reference Center

Science periodicals, encyclopedias, images, videos and science experiments.

Testing & Education Reference Center

Practice tests, courses, and eBooks for SAT, ACT, ASVAB, and other major tests, plus a scholarship and college search tool.

Featured Online Service


Research the history, geography, and culture of countries and states.

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